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The brand that started it all!

TRAffiliate is TRA Collective’s flagship brand, being responsible for catapulting the Collective into the position that it is today. The idea behind the Affiliate program was twofold:

  1. To give TRA Collective members exclusive access to businesses at the forefront of their respective areas of the TCG
  2. To support and invest into local Australian made businesses by giving them a platform to launch into the international market

The affiliate program began with three local Australian business who assisted TRA Collective in providing weekly giveaways to its members, and access to exclusive affiliate deals. These affiliates are;

  • No Josh Collectables
  • Palms Off Gaming
  • Black Card X
  • DB Heroes

Through the success of the affiliate program, TRA Collective has gained the attraction of an international heavyweight in the TCG hobby, Prestige Grading Services, and is proud to announce them as our newest affiliate. Prestige Grading Services USA will be an integral component of our newest brand, TRA Grading.

But this is only the beginning, as we look forward to continuing to grow our Affiliate Program.

Read more about our affiliates below.


No Josh Collectables logoNO JOSH COLLECTABLES


No Josh Collectables logo



No Josh Collectables was founded in 2018 by Josh Manzanera, an ambitious IT Project Manager looking for a fun way to re-spark some of his childhood hobbies. He wanted to make it easy and affordable to have the fun and satisfaction of a complete collection.

Whilst the No Josh team currently stocks a lot of Pokemon and Dragonball related merchandise, they’re lovers of all types of pop culture paraphernalia. Some of their favourites are Transformers, Marvel, Pokemon, Yugioh, Star Wars… the list goes on and they bring it ALL to you in many different forms!

No Josh Collectables is the complete package, bringing you a friendly, timely and transparent service that comes with an extremely competitive price. The team is always working to improve their impact on the hobby world and provide the best for our collective communities. You will often spot the director, Josh, at Pokemon Tournaments, fairs and all places in between! Feel free to say hi if you see him.

Try them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Collecting!

Website: Click Here!

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Palms Off Gaming logoPALMS OFF GAMING


Palms Off Gaming logo



“From humble beginnings of two best mates cracking booster packs seeking shiny pieces of cardboard to crack a smile; we have grown to convey that rush and passion of collecting to others.

Officially established in 2017, we (Palms Off Gaming) have evolved to find our special place in the Australian TCG community – focusing on bringing the Australian collector Aussie-owned, premium, high-class TCG products. We brought you the very first line of Aussie owned perfect-fit PSA sleeves, and over the years have developed our lines into the unparalleled quality that is our Collector’s Series range.

We will always focus foremost on taking care of the community that has taken care of us, and in turn; allow an easier, more reasonable price entry level for premium high-class products and are striving to put the Australian Collectors scene on the world map!

Our survival and passion to keep moving forward wouldn’t be possible without the amazing feedback and relationships we have established along our collecting journey – and for that we cannot thank you enough.

You are all legends!”

- Darcy & Jack

Palms Off Gaming

Website: Click Here!

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Black Card X logoBLACK CARD X


Black Card X logo



As the brand-new business from industry figurehead Charlie Hurlocker, Black Card X provides the highest quality collectibles products for storage, display, shipping, and every day use.

Make sure to follow this innovative new store for more exciting projects.

Website: Click Here!

Black Card X logoDB HEROES


Black Card X logo



Here in Australia, Dragon Ball Heroes Australia is the birthplace of (Super) Dragon Ball Heroes Cards! But before we go into that let’s take a step back in time..

One cold evening many years ago I was trawling through the outer-reaches of eBay for any and all collectibles of my favourite DBZ character: Gohan. I stopped and had to catch my breath all of a sudden 20 pages in as a small piece of art depicting the iconic Father Son Kamehameha scrolled into centre frame. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the first Japanese Arcade Card I’d ever seen. All I knew is I had to have it! But I couldn’t find a single piece of information anywhere on the internet about how it came to exist. And it was an old sold listing!

Fast forward a couple years and I’m in Japan solo scavenging various hobby stores and arcades cross-country trying to find as much information and cardboard-gold as possible. My mind was blown as I finally got to see these beautiful Dragon Ball Heroes cards in person and I immediately fell in love.

Over the next two years I worked tirelessly to bring attention to something I felt surpassed anything western TCG had ever come up with- the art, print quality and textured foiling was basically unmatched at the time and for the most part remains so. The interest slowly grew here and there but it was a tiny number of people with no community and many many nay-sayers any time the cards were shared.

As of June 2020 I decided to take it to the next level and officially launched the Dragon Ball Heroes Australia aka DBHEROES_AU website and social media channels. Since then, slowly but surely the SDBH community, following and appreciation has grown significantly and continues to do so each day. Many of these people are from the Pokémon or DBS space, and enjoy collecting anything and everything.

I pride myself on being able to provide only the best quality, hand selected cards from my friends and effective colleagues in Japan for all Aussies and now many international collectors to pick up and appreciate. On top of this I work each day to also bring the information and knowledge I've developed of these cards over the past 5+ years to everyone interested. Check out our Heroes 101 Blog Post as it's the best place to start with these gems, and of course feel free to reach out to us on any platform with any and all SDBH questions!

If you love both collecting and Dragon Ball, these cards are for you. Hold one up to the light yourself and you’ll be as blown away as I was all those years ago.

- Jake and the Team

Website: Click Here!

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