Mr Mitsuhiro Arita

Mitsuhiro Arita headshot

All of us at TRA Collective were very humbled that Mr Mitsuhiro Arita was able to partner with us during this years Charity Drive to support Kids Helpline. He very generously painted and donated a watercolour artwork of a Northern Pigmy Owl which was auctioned off as part of our drive which raised $11,111 towards our final goal of $100,000. Words can not describe how much of an amazing experience it has been partnering with such a revered artist within our community. His very generous donation helped us raise over 10% of our final goal and will go a long way to help Kid's HelpLine perform the amazing work they do.

Please show your support to Mr Arita by following his social media accounts.

Mitsuhiro Arita Facebook link Mitsuhiro Arita  Instagram link Mitsuhiro Arita Youtube Channel link Mitsuhiro Arita Twitter link

You should also check out his Online Store where he Auctions off his amazing artworks HERE.

And also check out his website.

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