TRA Collective Grading Service Guide

TRA Collective Grading Service Guide

 In this service guide, “we” “us” and “our” refers to TRA Collective.  Your access to and use of all information on this website including the grading services is provided subject to the following service guide

 We reserve the right to amend this guide at any time and your use of the website following any amendments will represent your agreement to be bound by this guide as amended.  We therefore recommend that each time you access our website you read this service guide


  • TRA Grading is a division of TRA Collective, and thus operates underneath the same guidelines TRA Collective adheres to.
  • TRA Grading only accepts orders or communications through our website and official grading email address. Attempts to organise grading submissions or enquiries through other means of communication such as Facebook and personal emails will be redirected to our website and/or grading email address.
  • Great care is taken to ensure the security of our customers cards once they enter our service. As such TRA Grading does not allow in person drop off of cards for submission. All cards being submitted to our service must be posted to our PO Box address.
  • The safety of our customers cards is our highest priority and therefore they are stored securely in a fireproof safe in our Melbourne offices. This facility is also under 24/7 video surveillance.
  • All communication with customers will take place through our official grading email address or via public announcements. Attempts to discuss future or current grading submissions with TRA Collective Admin via other means of communications will instead be redirected to our grading email address.
  • TRA Grading is not liable for damage to any cards during the processing phase.
  • TRA Grading does not offer pre-screening.
  • TRA Grading reserves the right to refuse any potential customer at our own discretion.

Card Submission Process

  1. All grading submissions must be organised through our website or official grading email address only.
  2. All PSA submission spots must be bought via our online store.
  3. All CGC submissions must be discussed with TRA Grading via email.
  4. Once grading orders are received by TRA Grading, you will receive an email from TRA Grading with further instructions.
  5. You must follow the instructions given by TRA Grading for the card submission process
  6. TRA Grading will supply you with the PO Box address to send your submission once you've followed our grading instructions
  7. Package that arrives at our PO Box without the member following our instructions will not begin processing until TRA Collective are satisfied that the customer has adhered to TRA Grading instructions
  8. For preparing your submission to us, place your cards in fresh Penny sleeves prior to packaging into either toploaders or semi-rigid holders, Then package your toploaders / semi-rigids into either Ziplock bags / team bags / wrapped in cling wrap for waterproofing during transit. DO NOT tape your toploaders or card-savers.
  9. Ensure that you send us your cards with adequate insurance coverage to the PO Box address we provide.
  10. All cards must be sent with a tracking number.
  11. You must notify us via email when you have sent your item(s) and provide us with your tracking number.
  12. Ensure that your name and return address is written clearly on the package.
  13. TRA Grading takes no responsibility for cards damaged or lost during transit to our PO Box address.
  14. TRA Grading is only liable for cards once they have entered the processing phase.
  15. The opening of all packages will be recorded via video and stored on a secure hard-drive for security purposes.
  16. During processing all cards will be entered into a TRA Grading invoice system.
  17. The determined value of the card by TRA Grading is for insurance purposes only and cannot be changed by the customer. 
  18. An email will be sent to the customer to confirm that TRA Grading has received and processed all of their cards.
  19. If for any reason TRA Grading has not received your cards within 2 weeks of buying submission slots, you will be processed to the next submission for ONE cycle only. If your cards have not been received after another 2-week cycle, your submission spots will be cancelled and refunded to you.
  20. All submissions must be accompanied by the following information inside of the package: First name, last name, email address and phone number. This MUST be included in the package


  1. TRA Grading insurance is only in effect once we’ve processed and entered the submission into our systems at our offices
  2. Insurance is covered for packages being sent between TRA Collective and Prestige Grading Services USA and while they are in our possession at our offices
  3. TRA Grading insurance cover ceases once your items are lodged at the nominated courier service and out of our control.
  4. All cards will be packed securely and forwarded onto our grading partner (Prestige Grading Services USA) through a tracked international parcel service.
  5. All outgoing packages to Prestige Grading Services USA from TRA Collective will be insured for up to $50,000 (AUD), cumulative of all items in the package.
  6. All incoming packages from Prestige Grading Services from TRA Collective will be insured for up to $200,000 (AUD), cumulative of all items in the package.


  1. TRA Grading only accepts PayPal / After Pay / Credit Card / ZipPay as our primary forms of payment.
  2. All submissions must be paid for in full prior to your cards being sent off to Prestige Grading Services USA.
  3. Cards valued above the maximum card value as seen in our Grading Infographic may incur upcharge fees.
  4. PSA and CGC reserve the right to levy additional fees to customers based on the assessed value of the item. In the event that additional fees are levied, The customer is responsible for paying all additional fees assessed
  5. Example of levy fees taken from PSA website:

For cards over $199 (USD), PSA reserves the right to levy additional fees based on the post-grading value of the card for the difference between the service level you submitted at and the service level the value dictates. If your final value is between $200 (USD) and $499 (USD), PSA may charge an additional $10 (USD). If your final value is between $500 (USD) and $999 (USD), PSA may charge an additional $30 (USD). If your final value is between $1000 (USD) and $2499 (USD), PSA may charge an additional $62 (USD). For higher values, please contact PSA to discuss on a case by case basis. PSA uses a combination of eBay completed sales, auction house completed sales, and their own in-house expert opinions to determine the graded value of the cards and upcharges accordingly.

  1. Notice of additional fees will be presented by TRA Grading to the customer as soon as TRA Grading is made aware of them. Seven days after the initial notice, a secondary notice will be issued. 21 days after the initial notice to pay additional fees, TRA Grading reserves the right to issue a 5% fee, compounding monthly, on the total outstanding bill.
  2. Failure to pay a balance due of any sort for 6 months is a voluntary forfeiture of the submission to TRA Grading. The submission will then be sold, with the card value being refunded to the customer. Any additional funds will then be donated directly to one of our charity partners.

Return of Packages to Australia

  1. All submissions will be returned insured to TRA Grading via tracked international parcel service.
  2. All return packages from Prestige Grading Services USA are insured for up to $200,000 (AUD) total, cumulative of all items in the package, during transit back to TRA Grading.
  3. Once the return package has been received at our Melbourne processing centre, all customers will be notified via email that their submission has returned and begun post-processing. At this time their return postal address will be requested.
  4. All items will be matched up with the initial TRA Grading invoices made.
  5. All customers will be issued an invoice for return postage to their nominated postal address.
  6. Submissions will not be returned to customers until the invoice has been paid.
  7. TRA Grading / TRA Collective is not liable for insurance coverage on any packages being sent to their customers. As such, the purchase of insurance coverage for return packages is the responsibility of customers.
  8. In the event of loss in transit between TRA Collective and Prestige Grading Services USA, all customers may be reimbursed the current market value of their item, up to a cumulative total of $200,000 (AUD) for all items in the package. Should the total market value exceed $200,000 (AUD), it will be broken down on a percentage basis and distributed respectively
  9. The current market value is determined by the average of the last 3 cards sold on eBay. Should there not be 3 recent sales then an independent valuation by an official third-party dealer / trader who is recognised as an expert in the marketplace for this type of product will value said product(s). If no valuation is available, the customer is insured for the purchase price with proof of receipt.
  10. Any cards that receive damage to their grading case during return shipping from TRA Grading to the customer due to poor packaging by TRA Grading, will be offered to the customer to be regraded / recased at a cost worn by TRA Grading.
  11. TRA Collective / TRA Grading is not responsible for damages to the cards during transit back to the customer

TRA Collective's Grading Terms & Conditions supersedes any conflicting information provided in this guide

This Service Guide have been specifically drafted for, and provided by TRA Collective

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