Grading Instructions


Thank you for you order and welcome to the Collective!

Preparing your cards for grading

  1. Select the cards you’d like graded (1 card per grading slot purchased)
  2. Arrange them into lots of 20 (5x4) and take clear photos (See example below)


  1. Email photos to

IMPORTANT: Await confirmation Email from TRA staff before proceeding to the next step below



Sending your Cards to TRA Grading

Please see below our recommendations on how to package your precious cargo and make sure it gets to us safe and sound! 

  1. Select your cards 
  2. Put each card in a new Penny Sleeve (1 card per penny sleeve)
    1. Place Plastic tab on the outside of the sleeve to assist with removing cards from Top loaders (required for when we process your cards into semi-rigids)
    2. Plastic tabs for cards placed in semi-rigid card savers are optional
  3. Place your sleeved card into a top loader or semi-rigid (1 card per top-loader or semi-rigid)
  4. Arrange your cards in the order you would like them graded (Face Up)
  5. Place your cards in sturdy and ridged packaging (Mailing Box or similar)
    1. We recommend putting the cards within zip-lock bags (waterproofing)
    2. We also recommend packaging your cards with bubble-wrap or packaging peanuts
  6. Send off to the PO Box provided and please note your tracking number for peace of mind 
  7. Once your item has been received, we will update you via email to confirm your order.

Important Note:

  • Please separate out cards that are in different tiers i.e Gold or Platinum Services
  • It is your responsibility to purchase adequate insurance cover that best accurately reflects the value of your cards
  • We recommend Express Post to make sure your items are received to our offices as quickly as possible. 

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