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The TRA Collective are a diverse and passionate group of hobbyists with their roots ingrained in the Pokemon TCG, who are based in Australia. The TRA Collective are taking their community from strength to strength and diversifying their communities as their interests in various TCG’s and hobbies expand. They have steadily increased their community engagement and are expanding their offerings and community engagement programs, charity give back programs and member offerings in line with a newly formed, focused and united administration team who have one goal in mind, to better the community.

The TRA Collective are committed to continue to create an online social community environment that is friendly, safe, inclusive and based on respect, loyalty and fairness. Guided by the voice of their active community the TRA Collective administration will continue to create new and innovative ways to provide fun and interactive opportunities to engage its members and importantly, support those who are newly entering the hobby.

TRA Collective pride themselves on building a strong sense of community spirit with their members who are truly passionate about collecting Pokemon cards and enjoying the hobby. The TRA Collective enjoy actively giving to various not-for-profit and community minded charity based organisations to help those who are in need in the wider Australian community.

TRA Collective support this ambition to raise money for charity through the support and commitment from the TRA Affiliates Partner Program. This is a collective group of TCG and hobby based Australian businesses who give their time, expertise, brand reach and products to provide value for our TRA members in order to create a social experience that isn’t replicated anywhere else in Australia!

TRA Collective will continue growing their community and the hobby at large, to give back, engage and improve the hobby and collecting experience for everyone who connects with them on their various channels.

Community First, Last,and Always

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