2022 Christmas Update
Howdy all!
I am sure many of you have seen by now that grading slots have been turned off on the website.
TRA Grading will be closed from Wednesday 21st December - Friday 13th January to allow us to have some much needed holidays and time with our families.
  • Grading Slots will be turned back on in early January 2023
  • There are PSA Services and Pricing changes coming into effect in January, and our services will be adjusted to keep in line with these
  • We will continue to update our LIVE Tracker during the holiday period, so you can keep an eye on your submissions: https://tracollective.com.au/pages/tra-grading-update
  • We have also recently uploaded a bunch of fresh slabs to the store on our website: https://tracollective.com.au/collections/graded-slabs
  • Our BGS direct service will be delayed until ALL the aged PSAG submissions have returned, so that we can ensure our focus is on processing these submissions as quickly as possible
Following is a list of completed AGED Submissions awaiting shipment from America - planned to leave in early January 2023:
  • PSAP-015
  • PSAG-054
  • PSAG-059
  • PSAG-063
  • PSAG-064
  • PSAG-066
  • PSAG-067
  • PSAG-069
  • PSAG-071
  • PSAG-072
  • PSAG-073
  • PSAG-074
  • PSAG-075
  • PSAG-076
  • PSAG-078
  • PSAG-079
  • PSAG-080
  • PSAG-081
  • PSAG-082
  • PSAG-083
  • PSAG-084
  • PSAG-085
  • PSAG-086
  • PSAG-087
  • PSAG-088
  • PSAG-089
  • PSAG-090
  • PSAG-091
  • PSAG-092
  • PSAG-094
  • PSAG-104
  • PSAG-105
  • PSAG-122
  • PSAG-123
  • PSAG-126
  • PSAG-127
2022 was an amazing year for us, with over 30000 cards being successfully graded and returned to our customers, and we can't wait to see what 2023 has in store (HINT: WE ARE OPENING A STORE).
Scotty, Ken and I wish you all the very best during the holiday period and hope you get to spend some time surround by family, friends, and amazing pulls.
❤️ you all!